Raiki is a wooden boy who was created by the energy from lightning in the midst of a mysterious forest. His name is originally Japanese, coming from the combination of two kanji characters: Rai, which means thunder and ki, tree. The union of these elements gave Raiki his special powers which he will discover thanks to his friends on his adventures.

Ki (“tree” in japanese) are the trees growing in the forest where Raiki was created. Its wood has special properties that give magical powers to any object which is made of it.
Ki are born in the woods and ponds. When the time is right, they’ll move over land where they can live for thousands of years.

Kinoko means mushrooms in Japanese. They are responsible for the balance in the forest and they control the manufacture of new residents, such as Raiki. They take care of every detail of the implementation process so that, the result is perfect. They will also be the guardians and teachers of Raiki in his future adventures.

You'll see Kumo drifting over the forest sky. From up above they control the forest people and make sure there is abundant water, since the creation of the ki depends on it. When a new character is made, Kumo drop a beam which automatically gives life to it.